Top 10 Awesome Tips to Increase User Engagement on your Website

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A good website has many objectives. Building a better reputation plus increasing visibility and getting your message out to the people. Nonetheless, your primary focus is on driving more traffic to the website as it is proportional to the business growth.

A well-designed and reliable website let you grow your business exponentially. Simply put, all the factors depend on the user engagement. Engaging users with your site’s prospects is crucial for successfully building customer relations so that users simply don’t bounce back from your site.

Persuading existing users to come back again and again and adding new customers will make your business reach new heights. Better user engagement leads to better conversion rate increasing in sales and less abandoning rates.

Why is user engagement important?

Regardless of the niche market, there’s no paucity of websites available out ther. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small scale business or a large scale organization having a website is imperative to thrive in this competitive market that’s why they are investing in web development services.

No matter how good your website looks just remember that there are hundreds of thousands of websites available in the market resulting in a staggering amount of competition.

Studies have proven that first impressions often determines your success rate and gives you the only online opportunity for taking your business to a different level. Whether you offer web-based services or applications your objective is to create a strong presence and an engaging web presence across multiple platforms.

a. Engagement enhances visibility: user engagement has the potential to enhance your visibility. Simply put, your site is getting in front of a maximum number of people.

b. Engagement promotes loyalty: Whenever users engage with your site, they ultimately becomes a part of your community. That means a greater sense of familiarity and loyalty, which could drive purchasing decisions in the future.

Strategies for greater engagement:

1. Survey your audience:

survey your audience

This is one of the best ways of determining what audience actually like. Have few surveys if possible to check what is really in the trend and have their valuable perspective giving them valuable insights. For doing that you don’t have to actually bug them or visit them. You can simply do that within your site.

There are multiple ways of conducting a survey in which you could ask:

  • Ask them if they have any problem regarding the site.
  • Create a podcast so that users can enjoy on the go facility
  • Ask them about their preferences
  • Post the survey in your sidebar so it’s visible
  • Notify users about the survey through social media
  • Ask the users to take the survey within the site

2. Ask for users’ views, feedback, opinions:

ask for users views feedback opinions

How do you approach someone when  you’re willing to start the conversation with that person. By praising them or by a compliment or by asking a question. Perhaps you use all the three steps, isn’t it? You can apply the same trick to your users. Why not asking them a question and engaging them in a conversation?

For example, at the end of your blogs, you could ask users if they were of any help and ask for their suggestions. Doing this prompts users to respond not with you but with other users also. You may face some criticism too but that’s a part of feedback and it’s up to you how you react to it.

3. Create a smooth interface:

Providing users with the clutter-free interface is the first step for driving user engagement on your website. Create a balance between the visual elements and texts and themes to make your site more readable and attractive. Provide users with sufficient information relevant tot their interests. The easy it for users to access your site more they’ll come back.

4. Create segments for users:

create segments for users

You’ll have users with different tastes and likes. You cannot neglect a certain group of people with similar interests. Therefore, you need to consider user’s likes. Create different segments targeting different user interests. Make all the segments visible so that users can click on the relevant areas.

This strategy is implemented on sites whose products and services appeals to different user types. It allows you to create a unique user experience for each segment and you can track user engagement, purchases and use this data to improve each section independently to have a reliable website in all.

5. Create Engaging Content:

Content is important if use the right way. Popular content keeps visitors engaged and prompt them for keep coming back. There’s no point in having rows of content just for the sake of “content” as there is a good chance that you’re throwing away all your time and efforts.

Make your content and succinct adding values so that users will be engaged. Introduce some tutorials, reviews, and how-to-do articles as these will help you in engaging your users in a better way.

Having an opinion in your contents will make people present their opinions. Also, don’t forget to add images as it will make your contents receive more views making it attractive.

6. Include more visuals:

Visuals are another way of making users engaged. With high-quality contents with images, you can use visuals to have a better effect. Adding visuals could be the key to increasing user engagement.

Visuals are critical for enhancing the credibility of the site and making it more eye catching. Though, it could range from custom infographics to templates or curated content.

7. Token of appreciation for engaging:

Who doesn’t likes being appreciated for their work? Whether it is at work or at home, rewards are a better way of appreciating someone’s efforts. You too can reward your users for engaging with you.

Like you can get active in the discussion thread as a participant when it develops and might thank all your users for their time and sharing their views and content pieces on social media.

8. Carry the experience out of the website:

Take the user experience out of the website. Use push notifications or email notifications for deploying user engagement tactics at your disposal. Notify them about any new product or service beforehand so that they could use that.

9. Replace Flash with HTML5:

HTML5 is now widely used due to its interesting features and functionality. It has an advantage over Flash and is being used to create responsive, reliable and scalable websites with ease.

You can use HTML5 for using a number of text inputs making it more appealing. You can even make your content and themes more interactive retaining users and the users will do away with downloading of plugins for enjoying all the features. HTML5 is a better platform and due to its rich functionality is lets you increase user engagement interacting with them.

10. Let users contribute:

You should let users also contribute to your site. Apart from seeking their opinions and feedback, giving them the freedom to contribute will also increase the user engagement. Letting them contribute is an effective way of enhancing your online presence, plus boosting your brand image.

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