Upcoming WordPress Development Trends To Look Out For in 2017

Wordpress Website Development

It all started in 2003 merely as a blogging platform but with years, it has become one of the widely used Content Management System (CMS). That’s no-brainer. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about WordPress.

Though it’s been 13 years since it was launched but there’s no indication of stopping. Every year, WordPress becomes only becomes better and better with incredible improvements and new features.

This year is about to end and the new year is around the corner. For web enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for what the coming year would bring with it. Whether there will a new Google update or Apple would launch a new smartphone or will it mark the beginning with any new technology advancement.

Whatever it is, we should be ready for these changes and the change that we’ll be discussing here is related to WordPress development services. Will we see any new trend in the coming year?

Let’s look at some of the WordPress trends that you should look out for in 2017:

Mobile-first WordPress Themes:

We already know that the number of mobile users has surpassed the desktop users and the difference is only widening. The number of people using smartphones is in billions, therefore, we would see mobile-friendly WordPress themes and it would be the leading trend in 2017.

We already know that the number of mobile users has surpassed the desktop users and the difference is only widening. The number of people using smartphones is in billions, therefore, we would see mobile-friendly WordPress themes and it would be the leading trend in 2017.

Also, there’s a speculation that Google is now considering mobile apps for ranking websites and experimenting its index mobile-first and the process is under trail. Their search index would rank on the basis of the performance of mobile apps.

Now, you’ve to put in more thoughts into designing themes that are compatible with mobile devices and is optimized and responsive. After all, one size doesn’t fit everyone.

Single Page Appearance:

It took no time for One-page websites to become the cynosure of all eyes. Developers, entrepreneurs, businessperson all realized that this type of structure is viable to their websites. This style is being preferred by everyone and this trend would continue in coming years.

Basically, all the websites that doesn’t contain much contain prefer this structure as it guides users from one section to another section. It’s kind of storytelling through each page to attract user’s attention.

HTTPS and Encryptions:

Security is why people refrain from using WordPress. Being an open source increases the probability of infringement into the security of the site. To put an end to this, to add an extra layer of security, WordPress has pushed towards having secured websites and HTTPS everywhere.

Even self-hosted WordPress sites have to use HTTPS to be more secure and safe. Switching from HTTP to HTTPS is not an easy task meaning that it will be a strenuous process for developers for working security. HTTPS will help develop a more secure web, providing users with better security.

The Introduction of Parallax:

The Parallax effect has been in use in video games, but soon, it became a trend in web designing and an integral part of web development services.

The Parallax effect has become a common trend and is becoming a mainstream scrolling feature of a website. It uses multiple backgrounds that seem to move as you move the cursor for creating a sensation 3D effect for an interesting browsing experience.

VR-Optimized Themes:

You can enjoy the 3D effect even at your home. All you need is VR glasses and enjoy 3D movies. For example, Gear VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift etc.

WordPress has started looking at this technological advancement and is looking to introduce the same concept on websites. You might be able to see this aspect of virtual reality soon. So, get ready to embrace the new way of browsing websites.

SaaS WordPress Plugins:
Plugins are the crux of the WordPress. You want to add a new functionality to the site, just install and activate the specific plugin and enhance the function of your site.

There are already more than 45,000 plugins and with every year new ones are added. But over the years, most of the plugins are being developed as SaaS (Software as a Service) plugin.

The rise in SaaS plugins has been just another trend in WordPress development that one should keep its finger on this trend’s pulse. The development of WordPress plugins has become more affordable due to the introduction of SaaS.

Considering this growing demand, we can conclude that SaaS plug-ins will be among the new trends to watch out for. Also, the codes are open, i.e. it is available under the general public license rule. Anyone can use and change the codes, so this way codes are protected.

Drag and Drop content:

Drag and Drop, the new sidebar layouts are outsmarting the conventional content/sidebar layout. With this function, developers can easily present their content to users and can change the way content looks regardless of the theme as they provide flexibility in presenting contents.

It also gives developers the full control over the site’s outlook just by using content creating a plugin. You can also include the widget, menu in the web page and place the content accordingly with optimization in mind.

These are some of the WordPress trends that we should watch out for in the coming year. We might also see some other amazing trends. With time, there are so many trends catching the fancy of the people. Nonetheless, the main objective of all these trends is to enhance the site’s performance and making the process smoother.

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