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  • web development

    18 January

    Top Web Development Trends that Will Grow in 2018

    Web Development is one of the fast-growing technique which is growing year per year. According to a survey, the online market grows between 18-20% per year and it will be estimated to grow from $2.3 trillion in 2017 to $4 tri....

  • Top Rated PHP Frameworks of 2018 for Web Development ServicesAdd a little bit of body text(1)

    09 January

    Top-Rated PHP Frameworks of 2018 for Web Development Services

    PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a very well known and popular programming language for web development. PHP is a server-side scripting language which widely used for low price ....

  • native vs hybrid

    04 January

    Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development – Which one is better for Your Business

    We all know that every business is based on unique business ideas, functionalities, and methodologies. In this digital world, a mobile app plays an important role to run a business successfully and increase the business sale and profit. The pri....

  • Develop an On Demand Mobile App at The Top Mobile App Development Company(1)

    28 December

    Develop an On Demand Mobile App at The Top Mobile App Development Company

    All we know these time people have very less time to manage their home, personal and business work and they want to have a person or system who can help them to finish any work. So, in this digital era, multitasking mobile apps can help to manage the....

  • Latest iOS App Development Trends for The Top Mobile App Development Companies

    20 December

    Latest iOS App Development Trends for The Top Mobile App Development Companies

    In this technical world, every day new technologies come and go. One of these standing trends nowadays is ‘iOS apps’. The success of the iPhone apps is a measure of the most updated and advanced next-gen trends. In this succes....

  • blockchain1

    13 December

    A Gentle Introduction of Blockchain Development Technology

    Blockchain technology is the newly fast-growing technology across the world. It is the next future of Information Technology industry.  Dev Technosys is one of the leading company which works on Blockchain ....

  • Develop Wearable App with the Best Mobile App Development Company

    06 December

    Develop an app for Wearable Devices with the Best Mobile App Development Company

    As the name Wearable apps use for wearable devices and apple watch is the perfect example of a wearable device.  Wearable apps directly run on the device which can also be integrated through the smartphone or other digital devices. Introductio....

  • Best-IoT-Development-company

    29 November

    IoT Solutions and Services for The Best IoT Development Company

    With the next generation of technologies in this world, many other new technologies arise and IoT is also the result one of those. IoT stands for Internet of things. As with the name mention Internet of Things used for integration between the daily o....

  • Artificial Intelligence with Mobile apps

    21 November

    A Simple Introductive Overview Of AI(Artificial Intelligence)

    AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is also called machine Intelligence. AI is the most trending and new technology used for both web & mobile application development. In this blog, we try to give a simple introductio....

  • goodfirm interview

    14 November

    Dev Technosys’ CEO – Tarun Nagar ascertains his business opinions to GoodFirms

    Dev Technosys Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web and mobile applications development company headquartered in Jaipur, India. The company employs 70+ skilled pro....

  • Mobile App Development Trends For 2018 - Copy

    13 November

    Top Mobile App Development Trends For 2018 That Everyone Wants to Watch

    2017 - One more amazing year for mobile app development and now it is about to end. In this year a lot of mobile applications were dev....

  • Network advertising

    16 December

    Top 10 Awesome Tips to Increase User Engagement on your Website

    A good website has many objectives. Building a better reputation plus increasing visibility and getting your message out to the people. Nonetheless, your primary focus is on driving more traffic to the website as it is proportional to the business gr....