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PhoneGap Development That Bridges The Digital Divide

We deliver cross-platform mobile apps for the widest possible range of devices

Develop, Deploy & Distribute Across Multiple Platforms

DevTechnosys is master of cross-platform mobile app development.  If you need your app to be distributed through several online channels, from Google Play to Apple iTunes, from Blackberry World to Microsoft Store, you can rely on DevTechnosys to create, circulate and market your hybrid app.
PhoneGap’s open-source, cross-platform nature lends itself to a quicker development cycle, faster time-to-market, and spares the expense of having dedicated SDKs for each device.  The result: your app can reach more consumers in less time and with greater savings.
For the best source in open-source software, use DevTechnosys.

One Code. Unlimited Possibilities.

The beauty of open-source mobile app development is the number of customers you can reach: limitless.  Unlike apps that are Android or iOS-specific, PhoneGap allows companies to target a vast, general audience of smartphone and tablet users—all with a single code that can be reused over multiple devices.
Not only does this drive down costs, it hikes up revenue by allowing you access to every smart device on the market today.

  • The Best Developers

    We're experts at using the latest Phonegap app tools, including: JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and more. So the app you get is coded flawlessly.

  • Optimized For Businesses

    Our PhoneGap applications are cross-platform but deliver rich features, easy navigation, high-performance, and the look and feel of native apps.

  • Affordability & Savings

    Rapid coding, testing and deployment cuts down development costs. Faster time-to-market and single, reusable codebase for multiple platforms means businesses save money.

  • Revenue Potential

    Why pick and choose from Apple or Android when PhoneGap's barrier-breaking code grants you access to all the world's smartphone and tablet users? More devices means more customers.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our PhoneGap developers allow you to distribute your app to popular online stores like Google Play and Apple iTunes. Apps we make also deliver a great user experience across all platforms.

  • Amazing Tech Support

    Need help? No problem. Like our other mobile services, DevTechnosys has a robust support structure in place for apps using our PhoneGap build.

Industries Served

We offer Hybrid app development for a wide range of industries, from finance and health-care to transportation. Whatever your business, we can help.

Reach More Customers With PhoneGap

Because PhoneGap is open-source and cross-platform, it enables us to reach a vast audience consisting of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft users.  Why choose when you can have them all?

Our apps have a rapid turnaround time and can be published on all the major online stores, thus guaranteeing your business the maximum return on investment.

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Fostering Business Growth Through The Power Of Choice

Businesses shouldn’t be limited by a lack of options.  Rather than exclusively target one group of consumers, such as iPhone users, DevTechnosys uses PhoneGap technology to open up the market to everyone.  Our cross-platform services are flexible, affordable, and available to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to successful enterprises.

So whether you’re a business that wants to sell an app to customers around the world, or a company that wants DevTechnosys to build a unique app to boost efficiency, we can help.

Advantages of PhoneGap:


  • Rapid development, testing & deployment
  • Business & consumer-friendly
  • Appeals to broad customer base
  • Single reusable code reduces cost
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Attractive UI & UX across multiple devices
  • Cloud integration
  • High QA standards
  • Takes advantage of each device’s native features

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