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DevTechnosys: We Never Compromise On Quality

Depend on DevTechnosys for reliable, QA-tested products and services.

Our Products Are QA-Tested & Approved

Before DevTechnosys delivers its newest product to customers around the world, we perform thorough and systematic testing to make sure it lives up to our standard—and yours.  Our Quality Assurance department operates independently of our development team and administers a series of examinations that ensure quality benchmarks are met.

These rigorous software audits include checking for design flaws, defects in interface, imperfect coding, and overall UX & UI.  Based on the outcome, our QA branch either sends the product back to the development team for further revision or gives its approval that the software is finally client-ready.

Our strict Quality Assurance process guarantees that the product you receive will satisfy all your requirements.

Rigorously Tested To Maximize Performance, Minimize Headaches

DevTechnosys understands that poorly tested software products can comprise your company’s security and private data, which is why we’ve instituted a world-class Quality Assurance system that includes the following parameters:

  • Performance Testing: checks to see if software is working at full capacity. Speed, features and load-times are also scrutinized.
  • Usability Testing: determines functionality and intuitiveness of a website or app, and increases customer retention by correcting all flaws.
  • Mobile Testing: improves mobile experience by checking performance across multiple platforms and devices along with browser, app and user-experience.
  • Iterative Testing: used during Agile development to continually test, assess and fix errors with each new iteration.
  • Regression Testing: includes all other tests and is performed post-development to locate bugs or flaws due to small changes in source code.
  • QA Consultation: process whereby we discuss and evaluate your QA needs, tests that need to be run, and documents or analysis that are required.
  • Professional Examinations

    Our independent QA testers are all highly trained and certified, using the latest software investigation methods and equipment to guarantee quality standards are met.

  • Full Cycle QA

    Our quality control process starts with documenting your goals, carries on through the development and implementation process, and even afterwards during maintenance and support.

  • Faster Time-to-Market

    Proper testing is important, but so is getting your product to customers in a timely manner. Our QA process is thorough yet streamlined, thus eliminating unnecessary delays.

  • QA Consultants

    Our quality assurance experts can teach you how to better manage your own QA protocols, make recommendations, and assist you in the analysis of results.

Better Products Through Better Testing

Every one of our products undergoes a stringent process of examination, revision, modification, and reexamination until it’s finalized and business-ready.  When clients receive their new app or website it’s with a simple promise: every quality control standard has been fulfilled.

Our products are robust and complete, not works-in-progress.

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Quality Control Systems As Advanced As Our Products

Comprehensive QA Mechanisms With A History Of Success

The key to our quality control system is consistency.  Every code we write or website we create has to meet certain ambitious criteria before it can be delivered to your digital doorstep: our QA department works independently to ensure results aren’t biased, while the entire testing process combines thoroughness with efficiency, thus providing clients with the product they need quickly yet reworked to perfection.

Our QA system offers the following advantages:


  • Comprehensive testing options
  • Professional examiners for guaranteed results
  • QA consultation to evaluate your needs
  • Full-cycle QA for exhaustive testing
  • Streamlined process for faster time-to-market
  • Automated testing to eliminate human error
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Security testing for enterprise companies
  • Extensive documentation, reporting & analysis of results

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