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We Take Care Of Our Customers

Our support and maintenance services are there to help you anytime, anywhere.

Help You Can Count On.  Anytime.  Every Time.

DevTechnosys has implemented a robust support architecture that responds quickly and effectively to your needs.  Whether you’re a curious shopper hoping to employ our services and require further information, a client who has an ongoing project with DevTechnosys and require immediate assistance with your website or app, or a former customer who needs maintenance services for one of our products, we’re here to help.

Our staff is ready to answer your questions.  So just pick up the phone or email us—it’s that simple.

Website Maintenance Made Easy. 

We understand how important it is for your brand, large or small, to have a fully-functioning website at all moments.  Downtime and delays can result in lost revenue, which is especially difficult for small business and start-ups, but even enterprises hit the occasional impediment.

Luckily, DevTechnosys has a stellar support staff standing by to meet your needs 24/7.  Unlike the major expenses attached with having your own full-time support team, hiring us to take care of your website and perform maintenance duties can substantially bring down costs, which you can then invest in other important parts of your business.

We do everything from fixing connection errors, improving operational efficiency, performing upgrades, maximizing up-time, minimizing networking problems, and lending general support.

Count on DevTechnosys to handle your maintenance needs.


  • Minimizing Downtime. Maximizing Profits.

    Why lose revenue and loyal customers because of connection problems? We help you to stay online longer,and make money.

  • Updates & Upgrades

    Need to make your website more efficient? Upgrading to a new OS or security system? Relax, we can handle it.

  • Affordable & Flexible

    Our services are both comprehensive and affordable. Choose what you like and we'll give it to you at a price that's reasonable and fair.

  • Savings & Convenience

    Don't bother with the complexities and expense of hiring a full time support staff. Rather, use our remotely: we can do the job cheaper, and better.

  • Professionalism & Experience

    Our web support and maintenance team is courteous, efficient, highly-skilled, and wonderful at problem-solving. No matter the problem, they can fix it.

  • Continuous Communication

    Just because we're far away doesn't mean you can't reach us. In fact, our support staff keeps in constant contact with our clients, so whenever there's a problem they'll be available.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services Include:

  • Optimizing performance & daily website operations
  • Fixing connection errors & increasing up-time
  • Graphical enhancements to attract more customers
  • Technical support & answering queries
  • Including additional features such as galleries, payment options, notifications, etc
  • General troubleshooting
  • Security operations to keep your data private & secure
  • Performing software updates & upgrades without compromising work-flow
  • Better content management
  • Website analytics & reporting for future improvements

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The Importance Of Daily Website Maintenance

Improper or irregular maintenance of your website can lead to sluggish performance, terrible user-experiences, lost revenue, and even harmful security breaches.  Daily upkeep and periodic updates are needed to keep your website functioning smoothly so customers feel safe and have a pleasant browsing experience.  From time to time, new features, redesigned visuals, and substantial upgrades are necessary to maintain user interest and attract more clients.

This is where DevTechosys excels.


  • System updates and upgrades keep your website running smoothly, decrease load times, increase customer appeal, and protect your business from hacks, viruses and disruptive glitches.
  • Graphic enhancements and stylistic changes add a sense of freshness and excitement to your website, while greater interactivity and multimedia are effective ways of maintaining customer interest.
  • Routine content management and period SEO keyword research and implementation can boost your visibility ratings on Google and other search engines.  As Google’s SEO standards change, we can help you keep up.
  • As internet technology evolves, new features, apps and payment methods/gateways are created.  The most successful businesses make use, and DevTechnosys can help by adding the latest breakthroughs to make you more competitive.

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