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Every modern home today depends on mobile phone applications to fulfill its needs. Tasks like online shopping and booking air tickets cannot be imagined without a functional mobile app installed on your smartphone.

All you have to do is to open the app, enter your details and you get an air ticket booked. After all, who has the time and energy in today’s world to stand in a queue for hours? Mobile phone apps have managed to bring the entire shopping mall into our homes. The USP of these apps lies in the comfort level they offer to a user.

If the users are happy with these apps, so is the mobile phone application developer community. They are ruling the roost at the moment with an ever-increasing demand for their new apps.

The app developers have their hands full as the market continues to be flooded with new smartphone models every week. Users today are hard pressed for choices with a number of platforms available to choose from like iOS, Blackberry, Windows & Android.

A great power is wielded in the hands of app developers, who cater to such a huge market base of smartphone users. But they say that “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

The responsibility or I should say an obligation of an app developer is to provide the user with a bug-free app which is devoid of any technical glitches. A user will not like an app which either refuses to open or download correctly.

Stringent testing is required at all levels to ensure a technically sound mobile phone application.

Here are a few basic testing procedures which can ensure a trouble-free app.

Cross Device testing

Unlike regular applications, mobile phone applications run on a variety of devices and platforms. The variations come in all sizes and shapes with different screen sizes, resolutions, memory size, platforms and connection types. An app developer must rigorously test his app on all types of devices to ensure that it performs optimally, be it the tablet or a smartphone.

Beta testing of the App

Beta testing is the second and final stage of testing coming after alpha testing. Beta testing is the ultimate acid test for any app as it will be tested by users to determine its worthiness.

The advantage that beta testing offers is that your app gets to be tested in the actual environment and networks by actual users, whose reviews are the guiding light to show you the future of your app.

Testing on Cloud

Cloud computing offers a good and cost-effective way of testing a mobile phone application. It provides a web-based testing environment where an app can be uploaded, managed and tested on various devices.

It is a powerful tool for cost-cutting and does not require an app developer to outsource his app testing. Since the testing environment is already pre-configured, it limits the possibilities of any bugs or errors and also reduces the headache of the app developer. It is time-saving and also cost saving.

Network testing

If not all, then many apps need an internet connection to function properly. It is always a smart idea to connect your app to a network connection and see how it behaves. A lot of tools are available which allow you to access various performance factors of an app like connection speed and bandwidth variations, etc.

It should be remembered that even if an app does not require an internet connection to function, but eventually will be required for downloading updates. It is also important to see and evaluate an app’s performance in different types of networks like Wi-Fi, 3G, and LAN etc.

Security related testing

Security and safety of their personal and sensitive data are a major cause of concern for users. Many app stores and share confidential information like credit card details, passwords etc. with third party sites and payment gateways.

You should check and evaluate your app’s behavior as to how it is handling user data and how safe is it. Have you followed the necessary precautions like using certificates, protocols, and authenticating procedures to ensure data safety? Does your app lockdown if a user enters a wrong password repeatedly?

Conclusion: testing a custom mobile application development is mandatory to ensure its quality and reliability, and making sure that the app stays at the top of the popularity list.

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