Structuring the ‘Restructuring’ : Tackling Website Redesign Efficiently


Website Redesign appears to be the latest wrinkle in every organization’s online skin. More and more companies are perceiving the demand for a complete website make-over and reacting positively in this regard.

An organization may initiate a website redesign process for numerous reasons. It could be for the purpose of refurbishing the website’s appearance, to give it a new look or for changing the set perceptions behind the brand’s image.

More than often, competitor decisions of redesigning their websites could trigger similar reactions from observers. The need to make their websites more responsive and user-friendly and to improve their search rankings can also be major motivators behind such strategy.

Once your decision has been finalized, it is equally important to evaluate the array of possibilities ahead. The immediate impact your redesigned website makes on the search engines might not be at par with what is expected.

There are also chances of the substantial decrease in the search traffic. These issues could hamper the success of your website redesign strategies substantially. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze and estimate such deviations well in advance.

Questions for devising a more effective website redesign strategy :

Why should I do this?

You could start by asking yourself this basic, but, inevitable question. Your motives should be clearly defined and your plan must revolve around achieving them. It is easy for managers to lose focus while carrying out the redesign process. Irrespective of your goal, be it customer trust or sales rates, your strategy should not deviate from the set track.

Who is my target?

Your website is the interface between your customers and you. It is the face of your brand in the digital territory. How your website appears to the customers will decide the success of your design strategy.

Therefore, your customers should be the prime influencer behind your planning. It is fitting to keep yourself in your customer’s shoes and contemplate from their perspective. Your website should look appealing and be inviting to your audience, or else they won’t be interested enough to stay on.

How responsive should my website be?

A responsive and custom website designing services are the basic requirement, keeping in mind the possibility of the customer accessing the site from mobile devices as well. A responsive site is one which offers the customer optimal user experience made possible through easy reading and navigation. The panning, scrolling and resizing of contents should be compatible for viewing across a range of devices.

How much is too much?

Understanding the value of a website, being the sole determinant for online success, many organizations might lose focus on specifically what they wish to convey. Your customers may not “get your point” if they are provided with too much information. It is best to keep it simple. Your design should be capable of transmitting the right message in the right quantity and in the right manner.

What do you want to tell them?

In online marketing, Content is the king! Creating powerful content is definitely no child’s play. It involves committed creativity and long hours. While the structure of your website might attract prospective customers, it is your content which will make them stay.
Such significant element cannot be left to last minute adjustments. It is crucial to carefully evaluate and allocate sufficient time for content creation.

What about my previous ranking?

While redesigning, you could redirect your existing pages to your revamped site. This will help you maintain your SEO rankings.

What element should I closely monitor?

Drop-in conversion! The website redesign is just as new for your customers as it is for you. You should closely monitor and track your conversion goals using analytics tools including A/B test, Heatmaps and so on.

Whose opinion matters in the decision making process?

It is crucial to understand the importance of every stakeholder and value their opinions accordingly. Not taking notice of a certain stakeholder’s views, may create misunderstandings and bring your redesigning strategy to a standstill. It is better to clearly state your terms, discuss, and seek approval of every important stakeholder involved.

How much time and money will this take?

Website redesign is cost and time effective, when undertaken efficiently. There is a more than likely possibility of you having to invest a little ‘extra’ on both fronts, therefore, prepare yourself to act so if required. It is important to maintain authority even when allocating minor responsibilities to others.

How do I follow up on it?

Your site should be compatible with any further modification of content or structure if need be. You could begin by discussing your objectives with your HTML team. It is always advisable for the HTML team to abstract their code, so as to ensure the future error-free functioning of your site.

Website redesigning is an expensive and time-consuming process, therefore, it is crucial to allocate the right motive(s) before initiating this decision. The approach behind website redesign should strictly result – oriented.

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