10 Best Language Learning Apps for iPhone and Android


The world that we live in has become multicultural and more interdependent over the past few decades. There is a need to communicate clearly and effectively as we switch our business and personal relationships across borders.

Learning another language can help in easing our understanding and break down barriers, such as opening up a world of fantastic job opportunities.

There’s another side to being bilingual or even multilingual (what’s to stop you from learning seven more!), which is the brain boost.

Most people find it too difficult when learning a new language, stating that it takes time and effort, and yes, a bit of cash, which most of us do not have much to spare.

There is a simple solution to this – your smartphone.

Language learning apps are out there ready for download by the mere touch of your fingertips. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there is a language app tailored to your needs.

Get ready to express more than just “How are you?” in another language.>


Duolingo has earned high praise indeed for its language learning performance. It picked up the Best App Award at Google Play Store and App Store in its launch year of 2013.

It presents itself in a game format whereby users score experience points as they make their way through their language learning course. There are also currency systems available, called Lingots, which you can redeem at the Duolingo virtual store.

The format is not grammar-intensive, but instead, focuses on audibly speaking the language and using it in conversation via repetition.

The lessons increase in difficulty and stick to the main ten tenses so that the learner quickly absorbs the chosen language’s basic knowledge. Not bad for a freebie!

duolingo app

For More Information visit Duolingo video: https://youtu.be/8OebgtUjLg4


Memrise is a Spanish-based language teacher. The learner is required to memorize words and phrases and covers basic Mexican Spanish into advanced Spanish.

The app takes students through different modules, based on proficiency with 15 Spanish words to study per lesson. There are vocab-by-frequency tasks and 250 of the most commonly-used Spanish phrases to use as core knowledge.

memrise app

For More Information visit Memrise video https://youtu.be/zkJpm7iP3JM


Brainscape focuses on Mandarin Chinese and is highly recommended if this is your language of choice to learn. Brainscape uses the flashcards system to learn words and, interestingly, demonstrates how Chinese characters use brush strokes for the symbols and what it encompasses. There is a free version, or all the lessons can be yours for $19.99.

brainscape app

For More Information visit Brainscape video https://youtu.be/mAxlGrrEsYs


Babbel covers the more traditional European languages of French, Spanish, Italian, German Dutch and Portuguese. Babbel gives users the experience of learning complete phrases to become proficient at repeating them accurately. The languages have an app each which are free to download but carries a monthly subscription around $11.

babbel app

For More Information visit Babbel video https://youtu.be/4ksZOoU7JXc


MindSnacks provides a fun and entertaining way to learn foreign languages and cultures. There are 11 different lessons aimed at fun learning by way of story-telling and easy-to-play games. Users have puzzles to negotiate and solve along the way, to keep the learning fun and exciting. Think of it as a child’s learning book for foreign languages.

For More Information visit MindSnacks video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuwoYaxyyE0


Anki-App is perfect for learners of Japanese. The app’s fast and uncomplicated method generates excitement as well as quick learning, as flashcards offer various challenges for quick sessions if time is an issue. Cards are on display as one-minute workouts to test how well the language learning is going.

You can download this in Google Play Store and App Store.


For More Information visit Anki App video https://youtu.be/7RfYajPSiHY


FluentU is perfect for the Francophiles wishing to improve or outright learn French. Here, we have a video based system using many French videos for reconstruction as language lessons. FluentU covers a broad spectrum of daily situations and covers many different contexts, making it a unique approach.

Students learn to use French in many different situations, and the video clips are from movie clips, commercials and music and TV shows. Everyday French word and slang go with an illustration of how French people talk to each other giving this iOS app a significant advantage.

fluentu app

For More Information visit FluentU app video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFaT3Zhead8


Busuu takes language learning to a whole new level because it allows for actual interaction with native speakers. There is a choice of 12 popular languages and users are encouraged to participate in a conversation and interact with real language users.

After each lesson completion, mock interviews are used to practice and check the student’s knowledge. There is an integrated video-chat capture including a peer-to-peer text correction service. The idea is that every Busuu users can become a tutor of their mother tongue and student of another language.

Busuu is available on Google Play Store and App Store.


For More Information visit Busuu app video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_RWb2a4kRk

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been synonymous with state-of-the-art speech recognition for many years, and the convenience of a mobile app shows how powerful Rosetta Stone has been for all this time. Downloadable in Android and iOS platforms.

Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition gives a precise and in-depth appraisal of your address exercises helping to pronounce syllables, words, and sentences with accuracy.

Once a good grasp has been achieved, users can move on to live conversations with a native-speaking coach. Sessions cover what has been learned so far to build confidence and inspire students with their new skills.

Rosetta Stone has a large community of devotees as an online community, and students can experience firsthand advice and tips and also play games to increase understanding and word skills.


For More Information visit Rosetta Stone’s app video https://youtu.be/iFpzqpLPulg

50 Languages

This language app covers an extensive base of knowledge. There is practically a variety of languages to learn by everyone. The most popular languages encourage students to learn by way of study plans, making it easy to keep track of words and phrases that aren’t yet perfect and need more practice.

The app also includes a pronunciation tool, so if you are unsure of how to say the word correctly, you can find the English approximation of the word you need.

The 50 Languages app is divided into different themes to aid your studies such as Phrases, Vocabulary, Games and Translation Tools. You can get them on your Android or iOS devices.

50 languages

For More Information visit 50 Languages app video link https://youtu.be/exRQUOp1IHU

There really is no excuse for you to learn a new language with these ultra-cheap sophisticated apps. You can learn and speak new languages to a very competent level, which would have cost a lot of money at night school not so long ago. N ‘est ce pas?

So now what’s next on your ‘been-meaning-to-do-but-never-gotten-around-to-doing list? Getting that beach bod ready for the summer? Firming those glutes? These apps have all the answers! Read on.

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