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DevTechnosys: Your Strongest Ally In The World Of IT

Our Partnership Program Opens Up Limitless Opportunities For Growth & Profit

The Benefits Of Doing Business Together

Our partnership program helps companies around the world gain access to the resources, talent and capital they need to compete on a global scale.

The dividends of this union are numerous, including: promotional opportunities for smaller businesses, software integration with your current system, better technical support from our expert staff, lower-risk during high-risk ventures, a wider pool of clients, and increased revenue opportunities from our global clientele.

DevTechnosys believes strongly in equal partnership. Besides advocating trust and open communication, we find a way to merge our business model with yours—so both companies are in control.

But the greatest advantage of collaborating with us is the potential for mutual growth. When we stand together, we can accomplish more.

Joining Forces To Tackle The Challenges of IT

DevTechnosys offers lucrative opportunities for businesses of all sizes, including:

Start-Ups: Just getting your business off the ground?  DevTechnosys provides entrepreneurs all they help they need, such as:

- Access to vital resources, technologies and talent
- A dedicated app store developer team
- Utilizing our support structure
- Promoting your brand to our global customers and clients

SMBs: Already have a foothold in your industry?  Why stop there when DevTechnosys can:

- Help grow your business by integrating its system with ours
- Streamlining operations, cutting costs, eliminating waste
- Building customized software and apps to increase productivity
- Combine our resources to help you compete against bigger rivals

Enterprises: Already a major player?  Then count on us for:

- Reliable delivery of goods and services to your company and clients
- Custom-tailored apps and programs to improve your daily operations
- Full tech support & seamless integration of our products
- Digital strategies that deliver greater profits


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"A Perfect Fusion of Talent", Teamwork and Technology
Ensures Success In Every Endeavor !

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Dev Technosys main objective is to give clients value for their money with user friendly environment.

  • Teamwork

    Dev Technosys work together in perfect cohesion to get things done perfectly and on good time.

  • Tech-savvy

    Dev Technosys engineers are experts in their field, creating products that benefit your business.

Our Accomplishments

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    Satisfied Customers

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    Successful Projects

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    Hours industry experience

  • Customer-First Approach

    Helping you succeed is what we do best. Through our uncompromising commitment to quality products and services, we provide customers the vital support they need to grow and prosper in the global marketplace.

  • Professionalism

    Our business is built on trust, and to win yours we employ only the most qualified individuals from the IT sector. Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We pride ourselves on having all three.

  • Client Engagement

    Rather than assume we know best, DevTechnosys prefers to bring clients into the process. Based on your feedback, we change and adapt our products to meet your needs, so you're never disappointed.

  • Adding Value

    Whether it's a website, mobile app or marketing strategy, DevTechnosys always aims to add value to your company through the services we provide.

“A Culture of Success”

  • Maximizing Success

    It's not enough to win. We prefer to win big. DevTechnosys helps your business flourish by harnessing the full potential of its technologies and workforce.

  • Planning for the Future

    We help clients adapt to today's technologies while preparing for tomorrow's.

  • Confidence Is Key

    At DevTechnosys, we foster a culture of transparency between the client and ourselves. More trust leads to more business.

What Clients Say About Our Work

Cedric Thomas Firebrand

Excellent team as usual. Had to end the project prematurely due to changes on our side. They suit all of our needs and are incredibly receptive, savvy and knowledgeable.

Cedric Thomas

Jill Brown

Have used DevTechnosys on multiple occasions and I will continue to do so as the provide fantastic support, service and high quality producers. I would recommend anyone w

Jill Brown

Karl (VideoCV)

I am pleased with the quality DevTechnosys and its team has produced on my project and your Project Management capability. This team has excellent communication skills an

Karl Kukner

timur dede

DevTechnosys was always accommodating of my requests and provided quick turn-around times when responding to questions and queries. Ran into a couple of technical difficu

Timur Dede

timur (payroll)

The Dev team were good to work with. If you have very specific idea of what you want then I think you will get the outcome you’re looking for.

Brent Rey

richard (poker)

It’s pleasure doing business with DevTechnosys. Great team, great project management and execution skills. I’m very happy with the final outcome of the project. This


James (Crouch)

Made great effort to make changes when we were not satisfied with outcome, always polite and clear communication. Probably some errors on our side with regards to briefin


Jesse (lealtec)

Dev Technosys are the best web developers I have worked with, no exception. I had some very convoluted requirements. Their communication, reliability and skills are excel

Jesse Leal

Sarah Cheeda

Really appreciated the team’s patience. We had multiple edits but the team was very understanding; courteous and got all the work done. I would recommend working with t

Sarah Cheeda

Allen Ghezzaoui

Excellent to work with. They have a lot of experience in many different areas and languages of programming. We continue to do work with this company. Cost is very fair an

Allen Ghezzaoui


Amazing company to work with. We assign DevTechnosys to carry out changes on our websites constantly and they continue to impress me with their comprehensive skill set an

Chris Trembath

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