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Features of Our Automobile App Development Solutions

We assist the automotive businesses and industries to create a stronghold across their contemporaries. Our automobile application development solutions are entirely based on emerging technologies and trends. Some of the prominent features of our automotive apps are

Dev Technosys

Endless Performance

our Automotive App Solutions have been in the industry for quite a while and we are especially known for delivering optimal performance with our automobile applications. Our developers and experts only speak the industry-specific language and we offer an exceptional application that delivers endless performance.

Dynamic Features

we create automobile applications that allow users to regulate their automotive business along with adding dynamic functions to their whole system. It helps us to deliver optimal performance and our application designers and developers work parallely on major business aspects to offer unmatched solutions to our users. Our automobile applications can drive exceptional services through advanced features in real-time

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Service Management

for your automotive business we cover every aspect of application development that can facilitate your business processes to a greater extent. This is inclusive of formulating every strategy right from designing to its development and ultimately marketing the whole solution.

Monitoring Vehicles

this feature allows us to deliver comprehensive automobile monitoring services where the users as well as dealers can easily keep track of the vehicle. We incorporate a wide range of advanced features to make highly interactive Automotive it solutions and cater to a unique vehicle monitoring system that is sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Real-Time Interaction

our automotive project developers and managers work as per the user's convenience irrespective of the time zones. We offer real-time interaction services to our users with multi-layer security and access rights to facilitate better decision making.

Challenges and Opportunities

Just like every other industry automotive industry too has a number of challenges and opportunities in its bag. By closely inspecting them not only you can prevent the fall of your enterprise, but also you can be a leader in the automotive industry. Here is a close analysis of challenges and opportunities for automotive industry in the app/ website market.

Dependency on Traditional Tools

With the fast progressive world the industries are ought to move with the wind. Integration of latest technology is something which is still lacking in the automobile industry.


With global opportunities come global challenges. Thus it is important for automobile ventures to adapt to technology and leverage utmost benefits which can turn their challenges into opportunities.

Rules and Regulations

There are several rules and regulations formulated by government to re-intact the environments, that are a must for you to follow. It helps in regulation of quality and standards and thus are needed to attended seriously.

Isolated Groups

Isolated groups and agencies fail at managing the data and thus are unable to attend to queries, one of the major back logs of the industry; it results in poor service provision and increase in cost.

Global Opportunities

It is one of the biggest global markets and it has its presence in almost every corner of the world. Thus it opens up a wide array of opportunities when dealt well can result in extra-ordinary results.

Technology Implementation

It is one of the newest sectors which is going through a technology make-over. Integration of latest technology is already doing wonders and also various dimensions can be explored with a scope of high-end results.

Traditional approach

Since the world of automobile is still going through technology transformations, you can still earn the early bird advantages. With adaptation of technology you can make your venture stand out in the industry.

Cost Reduction

Technology implementation helps you in reducing so many cost factors that were once almost impossible to minimize. Use of web, mobile and software can bring a drastic reduction in cost of maintenance and service.

Automobile Businesses App Development Process

At DevTechnosys we assist the automobile businesses with a cost-effective app development process and offer them customized apps.

  • 1

    Defining the goals

    while building automobile applications we specify and elaborate the product stage to the clients. It helps us brainstorm the best app development strategies and hire experienced automotive app developers for the projects

  • 2

    Considering project specifics

    photo mobile application development course through a number of specifications and based upon the brief we indulge the relevant features in the project.

  • 3

    Choosing the right technology

    depending upon the project type we integrate the automobile application with onboard features and emerging technology stack

  • 4

    App development and testing

    this is one of the crucial aspects of our Automotive website development service where we implement the app development and testing codes and look for the errors

  • 5

    Delivery and maintenance

    upon the successful testing of the application we deliver it to the users and look for its regular updates and maintenance

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Carsharing Norway App

With Hertz BilPool App, you can book a car around the clock and get a quick overview of where there are available cars, you can also extend and cancel your orders....
Dev Technosys

Car Rental Solution

A Digital platform for car rental agencies and individuals car owners to rent out cars on an hourly basis. The customer is liable to hire any car rental company for rental purposes without signing any illegal promissory note. The solution is av...
Dev Technosys

Our Automotive App Development Services

At Dev Technosys we deal with your enterprise’s industry specific needs with innovative automotive app development solutions and cutting edge technology. We have endless web and mobile app development solutions to your everyday business needs whether they are B2B or B2C.

Dealer Management System

Now give your traditional dealer management the twist of technology. Now manage your dealers in one go on your mobile, laptops, systems from anywhere anytime.

  • Inventory Information

  • Integrated CRM

  • Integrated appointment management system

  • BI & Reporting

  • Spare Part Management

  • Financial Management

Fleet Management System

Track down your fleet easily with our efficient fleet management system. Now with just one click, leverage the benefit of utilising your fleet on its full potential.

  • GPS vehicle tracking

  • Driving behavior analysis

  • Fleet alarms

  • Fuel management

  • Route planning and monitoring

  • Sales and profit analytics

Supply Chain Management

Demand, production and supply- attend them all at once just with one click. This interactive platform brings a sheer ease to your management system in just one go.

  • Inventory management

  • Order management

  • Logistics and shipping status

  • Forecasting

  • Return management

  • extra options or modules

Data Warehousing Solutions

Now manage your data like a pro, by leveraging Dev Technosys Data Warehousing Solutions. Now adapt a secure way to manage and protect your important data.

  • Integrate Corporate Data

  • Historical Data are Used

  • Data Load is Controlled

  • Data is Denormalized for Simplification

  • Time-Variant

  • Non-Volatile

Manufacturing Solutions

Let professionals help you manage your data better, integrate our web, mobile, solutions and seamlessly manage your manufacturing units.

  • Production Management

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Asset Management

  • Project Management

Logistics On-Demand

Reach your end-users on their doorsteps, by providing them an interactive platform to levy your services.

  • Ability to track vehicle

  • No room for errors

  • Near zero paperwork

  • Facilitate online booking

  • Real-time updates

  • Post-delivery confirmation

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Application Panel

To pioneer the latest Automotive website development interface in our solutions we have various descriptive trends and established technical solutions. In our application panels, we conduct real-time risk analysis for the automobile businesses and diagnose them with our expert's assistance.

User panel

Our Automotive it solutions developers are proficient in making user-friendly application interface along with easy-to-use features. We create customer-centric automobile applications having seamless components check out features that make the overall services impressive.


  • Easy registration and profile creation for quickly accessing the services
  • Access to product specifications and details features
  • Amenities like- free quote, blogs, etc
  • Users can manage and place their orders as required

Admin panel

Our application developers have a strong understanding of designing and developing the application and we create automobile applications based on emerging trends. we enable the admins to easily track or manage their automobile sales.


  • Easy and reliable app quote
  • Inventory and product management systems
  • Featuring the advertisements across multiple platforms
  • Managing the automobiles and users

Latest Technical Standards

The future of the automobile industry is entirely dependent on amazing and sophisticated technologies. We have integrated the latest technical standards in our automobile applications and some of them are


  • It is extensively used in automobile applications for fleet management
  • it helped the users to track various parameters like car location, fuel consumption level, speed, etc
  • It is paramount in evaluating the user behavior and automobile packages

AI interface

  • We help the users to get valuable insights about the vehicle
  • AI built-in system in our apps can easily monitor the state of the driver and learn their behavior
  • It has the potential to anticipate the user requirements along with satisfying the human vehicle interaction


  • Smart sensors in the internet of things can play a crucial role in data exchange
  • Through IoT we manage your automobile business in the mainstream in the vital industries
  • we allowed the software cloud to easily process users and dealers data and help the automobile companies to learn valuable insights

Why choose us

At DevTechnosys, we have a strong team of automotive app developers that combines the skills of automation tools and emerging technologies to drive success and revenue to your automobile business.


Involvement with customer requirements

our extensive range of services and experience with automobile applications enable us to align well with our customer’s requirements. We are proficient in understanding the industry-leading trends and business free perquisites and fulfill them with world-class solutions.


Result-driven approach

in the automobile industry we have secured a renowned position by offering customer-centric and result-driven Automotive App Solutions. We duly undertake the value proposition of our clients and offer them specific solutions that can drive excellence for their automobile business. We allow the users to automate the whole purchase of their selling or purchasing


Cloud-enabled platform

our automobile application services are entirely based on cloud automation and they have the potential to locate your automobile business globally. It also helps us to overcome a number of potential technical challenges that you might have to face otherwise. We leverage the automobile applications by eradicating long redundant paperwork or similar processes from the solutions.


Exceptional user experience

we have the capability to derive exceptional automobile experience for the users with our advanced features like real-time maps, temperature control, fuel efficiency, parking assistance, and many more. We have also induced smart mobility services in our automobile application that helps us streamline business management processes with ease.


Appealing design

to make our Automotive web app development services eye-catchy and attractive for the users we let the developers work with the latest tools that can give a unique touch to your automobile application. We also provide the best in class application designs tailored with the approach of delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Our Automotive web app development professionals leverage cutting and automobile technology to create user-centric and high-end applications

User management system

our automobile applications have an edge over the conventional solutions and they offer you an opportunity to manage your users or dealers easily through your system. You can also include them in your business inventory system for easy access

Fleet management system

through our fleet management services we allow users to track down their vehicles. We allow users to leverage the potential of a fleet management system for managing their vehicles without investing much time

Dev Technosys

Supply chain management

you can easily take care of the demand and supply of automobile vehicles with few simple clicks. We offer a highly interactive medium to the users that can drive ease of use and simplicity in your supply chain management.

Data warehousing solutions

in any automobile app development service it is extremely important to keep track of data and automobile flow. We provide a secure and well-managed data warehousing measure to the users so that they can secure their data and access it anytime, anywhere

Online invoicing

we allow the automobile businesses to directly raise the invoices to initiate quick payment and manage the cash flow in a better manner. Our application enables the automobile businesses to easily manage their resources without any inconvenience

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

At Dev Technosys our converging focus is at delivering you best in-class products that make you a leader in your business domain. We try to capture the essence of uniqueness in your idea and embellish it with relevant features that help you gain long term benefits and gain high business returns.

One Stop Vendor

Dev Technosys is a one stop automotive app development company in USA deploys advance technology solutions to meet enterprise modern needs and help them combat business challenges with latest tools.

Knowledge Retention

We cater automotive app development services that are best at retaining knowledge and use it for further utilisation. We try to capture the essence of knowledge and expertise with latest technology.

Dev Technosys

Team Scalability

At Dev Technosys we have a balanced team; here you will find experienced and expert developers that are creative and innovative with a strong leash on latest development frameworks and platforms.

Dedicated Working Environnment

Dedicated Working Environment Our developers work in a well incubated environment that increases their productivity and work proficiency. Our developers are highly dedicated to deliver you highly functional apps that make your enterprise standout from competitors.

Frequently asked question

  • How much will it cost to develop an automobile app?

    Several restrictions are involved in developing an automotive app this mainly depends on the performance of the customer and companies. The automotive mobile app development cost is mainly driven by the users of the platform. That even includes the features used in the app and the UI/UX of the app as well as the testing. The average cost of hiring automotive mobile app developer can cost you between $50 to $100 per hour.

  • How to Create an Automative Mobile App for Your business?

  • What are the advantages of automobile app?

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