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Innovative Solutions To Parse Development & Migration

We provide data migration services from Parse to other platforms

We Make The Transition From Parse Smooth & Affordable

As Parse will no longer be operating beyond 2017, companies are in a rush to move their apps on a more viable platform.  DevTechnosys can help your business save its valuable digital assets by aiding in this transition, migrating your data quickly and securely to other operating systems.
Whether you need to manage user accounts and private information, extract data stored in the cloud, or move custom codes onto Android, iOS and other mobile platforms, DevTechnosys can lend its services.
We make the migration smooth, easy, safe and affordable.

DevTechnosys Helps You Protect Your Digital Assets

Just because Parse is shutting down operations doesn’t mean you are.  All the time, money and resources your company spent developing games and apps have value, and to preserve that value DevTechnosys can shift those digital assets onto other platforms such as Android and iOS.

You save money, maintain your intellectual property, and your apps continue to survive on devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

  • Protecting Your Assets

    Our team ensures the value of your products by migrating apps and games from Parse to more popular platforms.

  • Affordability & Savings

    We make the transition from Parse's cloud environment quickly and effectively, saving both your intellectual property and money.

  • Safe & Secure

    User accounts, codes, private information and communication data are all securely managed by DevTechnosys during the transmission process.

  • Revenue Potential

    Why pick and choose from Apple or Android when Parse barrier-breaking code grants you access to all the world's smartphone and tablet users?

  • Integration & Compatibility

    Our talented team can migrate your Parse-built apps onto iOS, Android and Microsoft devices, allowing flawless integration from the old system to the new.

  • Amazing Tech Support

    If you have any questions or concerns about Parse during or after the migration process, we're here to help.

The Smart, Easy Way to Get Your App Built

Want your own app to wow your users and win your customers over? Keyideas is your world-class go-to resource for it all: from mobile app marketing, design and development, to launch, support and upgrades.

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Android Application Development Solutions to Help Your Business Grow

Keyideas specialized Android developers, align technology with business objective which helps clients to satisfy their customers. Android is the biggest growing online sector today and its users are the largest category of mobile users. Our delivery methods ensure our goals are delivered on time. We design apps that are compatible with multiple sized screens of Android devices and our apps help your business grow faster with increased productivity.

  • Good performance of the app.
  • LCompetitive pricing within budget.
  • PHP supports many frameworks.
  • Convenient user experience.
  • Robust and comprehensive apps.
  • Caters to diversified business verticals.
  • In-depth development process knowledge.
  • Proficient in-house iPhone developers.
  • Business-centric apps meeting demands

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