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Professional PhoneGap Services

Delivering cross-platform functionality across the widest range of devices

Multi-Platform Apps That Deliver A Universally Flawless User-Experience

Few companies know how to create apps that work smoothly on multiple operating systems and devices.  Fortunately, DevTechnosys excels at PhoneGap development.  If you need an app that functions on Apple or Android, Blackberry or Microsoft devices, trust us to deliver your product on time and with the highest professionalism.

We specialize in making, distributing and marketing hybrid apps.  Our PhoneGap development cycle is fast, inexpensive, and produces software that meets your business needs.

Advantages Of Our PhoneGap Services Include:

  • Rapid development, testing & deployment
  • Business-focused yet user-friendly apps
  • Appeals to widest possible consumer-base
  • Single reusable code reduces cost
  • Attractive UI & UX across multiple devices
  • Takes advantage of each device’s native features

Industries Served

We offer PhoneGap development services for a wide range of industries, from finance and health-care to transportation.  Whatever your business, we can help.

Your #1 Source For PhoneGap Development

Our developers help maximize your audience by taking full advantage of PhoneGap’s open-source, cross-platform style, which lends itself to a rapid production cycle and faster time-to-market.  Less development time means your app can reach more customers in less time and start selling faster.  PhoneGap also allows us to every smartphone and tablet user on the market because we’re not limited by a single operating system, thus vastly increasing your revenue potential.

Next-Gen PhoneGap Development

  • Dedicated Developers & Designers

    DevTechnosys's brilliant PhoneGap engineers aim for software that's high-performance, low-maintenance, and works across any platform or device.

  • Constant Updates & Upgrades

    Our PhoneGap software faithfully accomplishes today's needs while meeting tomorrow's. Through constant updates and upgrades, we keep your app running at its full potential.

  • Dependable Security

    We work hard to ensure that all our apps are secure and resistant to tampering. Continuous updates keep your data safe and protected from external attacks and viruses.

  • Built To Perform

    Every PhoneGap application we create is packed with useful features that improve your daily business operations, attract more customers, and maximize ROI.

  • Flawless UX & UI

    Our PhoneGap apps offer a high level of functionality across a range of different devices and platforms, thereby providing a universally smooth user-experience.

  • Customer Support

    Need help? No problem. All our PhoneGap services come backed by a robust technical support structure. More than just troubleshooting, our trained staff help you get the most out of your app.

Our Comprehensive PhoneGap Services Include:

  • Custom PhoneGap Development

    We specialize in creating industry-specific apps that run smoothly on multiple devices. Our PhoneGap software meets the unique needs of your business, helping it company perform better, faster and far more efficiently.

  • Social Networking App Development

    Need an app which leaps platforms and reaches all social media users? We can help. Our PhoneGap applications can help businesses exploit the strengths of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

  • Enterprise Application Development

    Part of a highly-competitive market? We can optimize your business performance by creating PhoneGap apps that are scalable, integrate with your long-term growth strategy, and tolerate large amounts of incoming data.

  • PhoneGap Support & Maintenance

    Our support staff can help you make the most out of your new PhoneGap application, answer any questions, or perform updates and maintenance services.

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PhoneGap Development: Where Experience Matters

Our Unique Process

DevTechnosys employs a unique three-step program to develop, deliver and distribute PhoneGap apps over any platform with unrivaled efficiency and reliability.
  • Planning & Consultation

    Before we create any app we begin with a consultation of your needs. Here we make note of such details as budget, time-line, app features, user interface, product objectives, financial goals, and implementation, distribution and marketing of your PhoneGap app over diverse platforms.

  • Production & Testing

    The next step involves the actual building of the app. Our designers and developers come together and create the app according to your previous specifications. Based on your feedback, the app goes through several iterations, tests, revisions and modifications until it's perfect.

  • Implementation, Distribution & Support

    After the software is complete we deliver it to your business or help distribute it to your target consumers. Our after-product service also includes customer support and maintenance duties so your app is always functioning as intended.

PhoneGap Apps That Improve Growth & Productivity

With every app we create, our PhoneGap developers have several targets: to include amazing new features, enhance productivity, allow for scalability and cloud integration, increase sales, and retain your customers while adding new ones.  Such ambitious goals require DevTechnosys to overcome the difficulties of cross-platform functionality and to provide a universally wonderful UX to all customers, regardless of device.

For the best in PhoneGap technology solutions, trust DevTechnosys.


  • Single reusable code lowers cost
  • Great performance and features on all devices
  • Cloud integration; scalable apps
  • Meets high QA standards
  • Reach more customers than a single OS app
  • Experience attractive UI & UX across multiple devices
  • Take full advantage of each device’s native features
  • PhoneGap apps that are start-up & SMB-friendly
  • Enterprise-ready apps for greater competitiveness

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