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Dev Technosys often receives questions about web development, web design and app development. Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about website development, design and app development are listed below

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  • What is the location of your company? What is the Manpower working in the organization?

    Our company is settled in Jaipur, India. Jaipur is known as the capital to Rajasthan and is currently shaping itself as a highly empowered IT tech hub. We have our offices in USA, IRELAND, UK, NEW ZEALAND, UAE as well. Acquainted with around 150+ trained professionals we deliver true quality and commitments into all our products.

  • What are your key areas of expertise and experience?

    We are a squad of skilled and dedicated professionals that masters in developing the top mobile apps, websites, eCommerce solutions, AR/VR devices and beyond. We were established in the year 2010 and since then we have traveled a very enlightened journey, once the smartphone embarked.

  • Do you provide paid services after the project submission?

    Yes, we do provide. Our users can contact us for any kind of support that they seek to avail. We deliver appropriate paid services for your project after the completion. Our charges depend on the nature, services and the scope of the project.

  • How do you assure the security of my idea?

    Needless to say, an idea is the only key that begins everything. We understand your concern thus, takes all the responsibilities in the niche of data security and confidentiality. In this regard, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) beforehand, to ensure the security of your idea.

    During the execution of your development and deployment, we make sure that all the stringent policies are being undertaken to maintain the security of the data. We chart all the legal documents as well for making your idea absolutely sealed and safe.

  • Does your company re-use code?

    Well, to be honest, we don’t use the code that is inclusive of your algorithms, keys, modules, trademarks or anything that is attuned with it. In some of the case, we do use the syntax from the libraries, just for sake of making the development easy for our time. We tend to save our time just planting some of the code of the logic, so as drop out the idea of beginning from starting. We just use the sections that help us in producing the code quickly and with optimized quality.

  • What is your project development process?

    Well, every project is new in itself and required a fresh brainstorming and analysis. However, the stages of development remain more or less the same. We follow the development ladder as Requirement analysis, wireframing, UI/UX design, development, deployment and testing. These phases most of the time remains un-altered, but somehow may change as per the scope and type of the venture.

  • Do you send your professional to work on-site with the start-ups or the Entrepreneur?

    Yes, we obviously do. In case of clients are palming to step further and requires our assistance, we make sure that our representatives visit their location, in order to make to make the operations swift. However, in case we are not located at the place of start-up, but find a sense of innovation in the project and idea, we send our resources to help them achieve big.

  • Do your company works according to the Client Zone?

    Well, our development team is located in Jaipur, India. But, depending on nature, and criticality of the situation, we do co-operate. We ensure to keep our representatives awake at the time of contact so that the conversation turns out to be useful and productive in every manner. However, we make it a priority to schedules that plans beforehand, so that other plans can be charged accordingly.

  • What are the Quality Control(QC) techniques that your organization follows?

    We adhere to all the top-notch and authenticated processes for delivering best and sophisticated quality standards. In the niche of Software testing, we stick to black box testing to deliver fine and error-free products. We are acquainted with a complete and separate division for handling the QA and QC activities and make sure that our QA teams make it a completely ' Perfect' before we handover.

  • Do you stick to Service Level Agreement?

    Yes, undeniably, we do.

  • Can you please describe your pricing model?

    We adapt to the three very simple pricing model. The first one is "Fixed Price Model", under which the price of the project is being decided at the starting only and remains constant till the end. No alteration in the products is welcomed in this model.

    The second one is " Time and Material Model" in which the price of the project is not fixed. In this, model the features and resources are not fixed and are added as per the client's required. The price is decided as per the final delivery standards.

    The Third one is " Dedicated Resources Model" under which the professionals are being reserved solely for a project. The client is required to pay according to the number of technicians allocated and the complexity of the project.

    So, the client can choose any of the pricing models for their project and mention here all we are very strongly committed to deadlines, be it any payment model, you get the project, as promised.

  • What is the way to communicate with the development team?

    We use Basecamp for scheduling the project communications. We help you sign in there with the rest of the team, that will be working on the project. You can discuss all the queries and can capture insights about the ongoing developmental activities. Other than this, we provide a single point of communication that is " Project Manager or Tech lead" that will update you with all the project details via Skype or Email.

Web Development

  • How much time do you take for developing a website?

    Well, the time required for developing the website depends on the complexity and the scope of the project. However, developing a static website consumes less time when compared with that of E-commerce website and the charges also differ for both of them.

  • What's your USP when it comes to web development?

    We aim to deliver quality in our USP, reason being, you trust matters a lot for us. We a team of talented and skilled developers and are imbibed with the rich experience in various technologies such as PHP, Microsoft, Java etc. Right from developing the eCommerce websites till the static ones, we have done it all by deploying the best suitable frameworks and development services.

  • Are your websites mobile compatible?

    Well, yes of course. It is the need of the hour. The process of developing a mobile compatible website is called responsive web designing by deploying HTML and CSS3. We craft beautiful graphical designs and the dynamic responses into the websites, to make them perfectly fit into the mobile app.

  • So, can I make some changes to the website?

    Yes, we do provide you with this opportunity. We proffer changes into the websites as and when required. One of the objectives are identified, we define all the parameters that must be inculcated so as to make the website as updated as possible.

  • Do you deliver client hosting?

    Yes, we deliver it as per the client request.

  • Name a few architectural designs, frameworks and standards that you use for developing the website.

    We deploy standard architecture such as –Mobile View Controller (MVC), to empower the UI and the overall feel of the website. We use different frameworks for developing different websites and as per its scope.

  • Please explain the term Static/Dynamic websites? Also, recommended which one will be best suitable for my product?

    The static website is completely coded with the HTML. In such a website, all the webpages work separately and are not dependent on any of the external file of the database.

    The dynamic website is coded with PHP is encompassed with a great level of database support. It is imbibed with the enhanced Content management system and it delivers a greater degree of functionalities.

    Well, which one to select, completely depends on the nature of your project and its scope.

  • What do mean by the term cloud services?

    Cloud computing allows you to access data from anywhere and at any time. The cloud services are being used to synchronize the data among various devices so that data can be accessed in a fast manner. We develop mobile apps that are completely cloud compatible, but we do not deliver core cloud services.

  • What if I want to develop an eCommerce website? What will you suggest and why?

    Well, developing an eCommerce website is certainly a tedious task. It requires huge flexibility and scalability. We recommend sealed proof and paid frameworks like Magento for developing the eCommerce website. Open source frameworks are not recommended by us since they are not secure.

  • Define CMS? Do I really need it?

    Content Management System can be defined as a software package, that helps in maintaining the websites in an easy and systematic manner. In case, you are looking for a website will multiple users and different roles, we strongly recommend CMS.

  • What are your testing strategies?

    We have a separate special team (QA & QC) to test projects. for testing the projects we use strategies such as 1. GUI testing 2. Black box testing 3. Cross browser testing 4. Navigation testing 5. Network testing 6. System testing 7. Unit and integration testing 8. Functional testing 9. Testing on various devices and platforms

    We test our code in and out and leaves no loophole at the time of delivery.

Mobile Development

  • Mention the differences between native and web apps.

    Native apps are encompassed with a single platform such as Android, windows, iPhone etc. Such apps are being engineered by using the SDK developmental frameworks and are able to use the device features as well.

    The web-based apps on the other run on the mobile browser and provide a virtual look like a native app. Such type of apps are advantageous over the native apps and can be operated on different, unlike native apps.

  • Are you into developing mobile apps for all platforms?

    Yes, we build mobile apps for all the platforms such as Android, iOS, windows etc. We provide the mobile app development solution that caters your businesses in the right way.

  • If I get an app developed from you, how will it generate income for me?

    Well, this is totally different from the app development thing. We help you get the best apps, but then, it is the marketing in the end that will fetch you with the revenues. However, we deliver the marketing services all well to help you app glow across all the business domains.

  • Do you make the changes in the app, once it is delivered?

    Well, yes we do but is chargeable. Thus, we recommend you to have the scope and the project ideation clear, so that the time and money could be saved.

  • Are to into uploading the app in the App Store?

    yes, we do. But we charge the money as per the publishing guidelines and the price as per charge structure of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Which framework or programming language would you use to develop the application?

    We develop applications via using the programming frameworks such as OS SDK, Objective C, Swift, Xcode, and other tools and technologies provided by Apple. Similarly, for Android application, we use the Android SDK. We use frameworks of Open Source and Microsoft Technologies for Web Service and API based applications.

  • Do you market the app?

    Yes, we do.

  • Can I make one app which would work on all platforms (like iPhone, iPad, Android, BB)?

    Yes, you can get an application that will work on all the platforms. We are into developing native, hybrid and the cross-platform apps that are true to the business.

  • Do you use graphics / UI that is delivered by the clients?

    Yes, we do. Just hire us and we will do the programming for you.

  • Do you guarantee that apps will be rejected over the App Store?

    Well, most of our apps are not rejected. We adhere to all the fundamentals that are laid by Apple and ensured to make the product clean and bug-free.

  • Can you update the application content, once delivered?

    Yes it can be done and content has to be provided by client and it may be chargeable depends on page layout and content density.

Hiring Models

  • How can select the developer of my choice from your company?

    Well, you can select the professional of your own wish. We will help you schedule the interview with our team member as per your preferences.

  • Do you define any limit for hiring developers?

    No, we do not define limit as such. Depending on the type and the scope of the project, we help you select the best professionals for delivering the right products for your businesses.

  • Do you assign any minimum service period for the programmers?

    We allow you to hire the resources for a period of 40 hours. Depending on the critical aspects, we deploy or experts to work for your project till the completion.

  • What is, if I am not a techie, will I be able to work?

    Well, yes you can. With proper guidance and training, we help you fill that technical gap in the most productive and efficient way.

  • So, I am ready with my project scope and requirements, what next?

    So, if you are all set, you can make it all the way better by laying down your expectation from the development teams. Figure out how you can initiate and the developmental model that will be best for your project and businesses.

  • What are the technologies you work on?

    Needless to say, we work on top-notch and versatile technologies. Talking the context of the web, we use PHP, .net and other SaaS products. In the niche of mobile app development, we use, Native SDK and other libraries for engineering the iOS and Android apps. Moving forward in the in the context of Cross-platform development, we use PhoneGap, Titanium etc for delivering quality and excellence into all our products.

  • In case I have a technical team, will be guys comfortable working with us?

    Yes, we will love too.

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